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Group Personal Training

Don’t waste your money on a Gym Membership you know you won’t use.

Don’t waste your time jogging on a treadmill waiting for the workout to end. Boring!! 

Become a Member and get

– a fun and energetic vibe that you want to be around
– a culture of people who will help you feel comfortable, at ease and part of our team
– female Trainers who genuinely care about you and your personal success
– a variety of workouts to suit all fitness levels
– be challenged to reach goals you didn’t think possible
– grow in confidence, self worth, health and happiness.


  • After school drop off time slots, that are perfect for Mums on the go
  • Child friendly sessions so you can bring them for active playtime while you workout
  • Sessions available Monday to Saturday
  • Small to medium sized groups so you get personalised attention
  • Results driven workouts in the least amount of time
  • Member support, sharing and connection with your Trainers and community
  • Female Trainers who genuinely care about your personal success

Get Back Into Fitness

This program will re-launch in 2019


  • Our 6 Week Introductory Program for women will give you
    – confidence to exercise outdoors in a group setting
    – the foundation skills necessary to exercise safely and effectively
    – knowledge on how to progress your workouts and continue getting results
    – weekly lifestyle coaching to help you achieve health and fitness gains from your workouts
    – member support in our private Members group

A limited number of positions are available to give you the best possible care and attention.

Online Fitness Training

Online Fitness Training

This is the perfect option for busy women who want to get leaner, stronger, fitter, healthier and happier in the least amount of time possible, without timetable restrictions.


  • Get access to a full Workout Library with fully demonstrated workouts showing options for beginners and intermediate
  • Train with Amanda just like we are face to face
  • Workouts are between 10 minutes and 30 minutes making it easy to fit into the busiest schedule
  • Start as a beginner with our tailored Beginners Series and progress your way up to more intermediate and advanced workouts
  • Most of our workouts don’t require any equipment making it easy to get started without any additional outlays
  • Get full member support via our private members page including tips, tools and hacks to help you navigate a healthy lifestyle 
  • Get a weekly accountability check-in to keep you on track and committed to your workouts.

What Our Members Are Saying

I have been a member to various gyms for over 10 years and felt that my cardio training needed improving.

The benefits of the boxing & bootcamp classes is the variety and intensity that Amanda packs into each session, no two sessions have been the same.

Her experience and knowledge of the body, movements, proper technique and exercises are by far the best I’ve seen to date. She has been able to push my body limits and increase my cardio, coordination and flexibility considerably.

Josh Ironside

I started with ‘Into Fitness’ over a year ago as I was wanting to work on my upper body strength and because I wanted something different from just going on my usual runs.

Although, I have certainly built some upper body strength, the main reason I have stuck around for so long is because of Amanda!

She creates lessons that are always creative, challenging but yet somehow still enjoyable!

Amanda always takes the time to get to know everyone and then modifies her lessons based on her knowledge of each participant. 

There is certainly a true sense of community at every session I attend and I am so glad I mustered up the confidence to attend my first session. 

Shelley Kirkwood Saw

The first step is the hardest but be brave and believe in yourself.  The only limitations we have are those that we place on ourselves and we shouldn’t let them define us. 

The sessions provide a judgmental free zone, where you are exercising for you and you alone. 

Members are not compared to each other and the encouragement and support you will receive from both Amanda and other clients is nothing short of brilliant. 

Jodi Palmer


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