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Outdoor Group Classes

Immerse yourself in our Healthy Happy Vibe with our outdoor group fitness program.


Can’t make it to our timetable of classes but still want the results we help our ladies achieve?  We’ve got you covered with IntoFitness Online.

VIP Members Lounge

As a member you’ll receive unexpected value that will help you achieve your Healthy Happy goals including Workouts, Recipes, Mindset and resources all curated for your personal success.

Meal Plans & Recipe Guides

We make it easier to achieve your short and long term health and happiness goals with this popular range of Meal Plans and Recipe Guides.

What Our Clients Have To Say…

Do it! The first step is the hardest but be brave and believe in yourself. The only limitations we have are those that we place on ourselves and we shouldn’t let them define us.

The sessions provide a judgment free zone, where you are exercising for you and you alone. Members are not compared to each other and the encouragement and support you will receive from both the Trainers and clients is nothing short of brilliant.”



I just wanted to say thankyou. Into Fitness has been a big impact in my life, both physically and mentally. Thank you Amanda.”



You have probably heard countless times how exercise is good for you and can make you feel good.  Well this is what you will get with IntoFitness.

With 2 incredible Trainers who will go above and beyond for you, 2 great training locations and a group of awesome training buddies who love a laugh and a chat, and it’s a lot more fun when you exercise in a group than on your own.”



Get our free workout series for busy women and feel energised, healthy and happy again!

Latest Tips From The Blog…

She looks healthy and happy on the outside, but what lies beneath?

She looks healthy and happy on the outside, but what lies beneath?

Today I wanted to share a pretty personal story that sets the scene on why the term Healthy Happy Women is so important to me.  And if you've been part of my circle for a while, you'll know that I have been using this phrase for some years now.  In fact it has become...

How to keep going when motivation drops you like it’s hot!

How to keep going when motivation drops you like it’s hot!

A question that gets bandied around a lot in the world of fitness, is: 'How do you stay motivated?' Motivation is just the thing that gets us started. The motivation to fit into a dress for an event. The motivation to enjoy a beach holiday without having to hide under...

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