Hi! I’m Amanda

I love exercise!  Why?  Because of all of the things it gives me.

More energy

Less stress

More confidence

Better sleep

Better skin

Better digestion

A better mood

A happier disposition

I believe in exercising because you love and respect your body, not as a punishment.

I’ve been teaching this valuable lesson to other women since 2013 and I’d love to share this gift with you too.


How IntoFitness began

I’m a Mum of 2 boys, married to my husband Jon, who I met while working and travelling abroad in 2000 and among other things, I’m the founder of IntoFitness.

I haven’t always been in the fitness industry but you could say I was called to it. I knew I wanted to help people and I knew I wanted to create an impact in people’s lives.

Whilst on maternity leave with my second child and with a reluctance to return to my State Government job in the city, I knew it was time to reinvent myself again.

So I took a leap of faith and went in pursuit of a career change that not only ignites my passion, but importantly, allows me to create a positive impact and help change the lives of others.

With a baby at home and a pre-schooler at kindy, I began studying Certificate III and then Certificate IV in Fitness.

I graduated in early 2013 and launched my biz in July.  Who on earth starts a fitness business in Winter?  Yep, that’s what I did and not only did the business survive, but it has thrived.

I can tell you, it hasn’t been easy and I’ve had my share of  challenges along the way, but through all of the challenges, it’s been without question the most rewarding and fulfilling career to date – and I’ve had many!

I love that I get to inspire women to take that first step, and then another, and another, until one day they look back and can’t believe how far they have come!

I love that I get to empower women to change their life in a positive way and to achieve goals they never thought were possible for them.

I love that I get to help women step outside of their comfort zone and realise they can do this too, regardless of their age or fitness level.

I love that I get to create a place of support, acceptance, encouragement and fun that our ladies want to be around.

I love that I get to provide a space where women make connections with others, see reflections of themselves and who they want to be.

Some people think it’s just exercise, but those who are part of our community know it’s so much more than that.

Health & fitness is my passion and I’d love to ignite that passion in you.

Come and join us!

I promise you the only thing you’ll regret is not starting sooner.


When I’m not training clients I love to…

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