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You want more energy, less stress and a convenient way to exercise on your own schedule that works for you!

You’re busy juggling a lot of different demands for everyone else and know that exercise will give you the energy and stamina you need and soothe your growing stress levels.

But you don’t know where to begin!

You’ve tried group fitness before or a gym, but the class timetable never seemed to work for your schedule and you found yourself continually missing classes and missing out on your results!

You know you need to exercise, but you need the support to do it.

You don’t want to have to think about the ‘How’ you just want someone to show you what to do.

You want support, coaching, accountability and community to help you show up, commit to regular exercise and get results.

You want a team of women with you, even if you can’t be in the same room.

Welcome to IntoFitness Online, your new home for training, support, community and results.

Designed With You In Mind

Workout at the time that suits you and your busy schedule.

 Choose from a variety of results-based workouts designed and demonstrated by a woman, that are suited to women’s bodies

 – Strength Workouts using light to medium weights

 – HIIT Workouts with variations shown

 – Cardio Workouts including BoxFit 

 – Legs Bums Tums Workouts for glute and core strength

 – 10 Minute Workouts for those busy days

 – Core Workouts for foundational strength we all need

 – Stretch & Relax for body and mind bliss, and much more

Our Monthly Meal Guides will help take the guess work and hassle out of healthy eating so that you can achieve your goals of looking and feeling better from the inside out.

And because we know its hard doing this on your own, we are going to give you access to the same support that our face to face members receive in our private members Facebook group where you can interact with us daily, feel supported and stay accountable to your goals. 

Plus there’s a heap of other resources there to support you if you like to plan your goals, and track your progress. 

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Simplified And Easy 

As a busy woman, you’re going to love having access to IntoFitness Online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from wherever you are.  So if you travel for work, go on holidays, or are away from home for whatever reason, as long as you have an internet connection, you can take this with you! 

Tips For Your Success

Follow my tips for your success and you’ll be on your way to achieving the health and happiness goals that you deserve.

Step 1:  Look at your schedule for the week and book in your workouts as an appointment. Ideally get your workout done first thing, before anything gets in the way.

Step 2:  Set a goal for the week, how many workouts will you do, how many meals will you cook at home?

Step 3:  Plan the workouts you will do for the week and put that in your diary reminder

Step 4:  Check out the Monthly Meal Guide and plan out your meals and snacks for the week.  A bit of pre-planning and prep now will save you time during the week.

Step 5:  Make it easy to follow through on your promise by having your workout gear ready, set an alert on your phone when it’s time to workout,  and get your shopping and meal prep done for the week.

Step 6:  Check in with your Coach weekly to stay on track with your goals and interact inside of our private members group so that you feel supported and part of our community.

Step 7:  Enjoy the freedom that you’ll experience inside of this membership. Choice of workouts, choice of time and the support you need to achieve your goals.

And I’m going to be here with you every step of the way.


Check out a sample recipe

All of our recipes include serving size, nutrition information and some helpful tips and notes on how to adapt the recipe and save time in the kitchen.

Our point of difference

Over the years, I’ll admit, I’ve signed up for heaps of online programs with the hope of transformation and there are many that I have NEVER even used.

The thing that was missing for me was support. I didn’t have anyone checking in on me to followup how I was going, or if I was even doing the program.

And inevitably, it just became a program that I paid for and never really did anything with.

So in bringing IntoFitness Online to life, it was really important to provide this level of support for our members to ensure they achieve the results they deserve. 

That’s why you’ll be supported by your Coach and community of women just like inside of our private members group.  

You can interact as much or as little as you like and know that support is right there for you whenever you need.

What Our Members Are Saying

“I love that I can workout when I want to, doing the workout that is right for my body in that moment by choosing from a huge variety of options….all without having to leave home and brush my hair. “


“I love the quick access to workouts, less time working out what workouts to do and I  can do it in my own time.”


“I love being able to do a workout that suits you at a time that suits you while still feeling that you have contact with real people because of the constant communication within the group.”


“ I did workout #4 in the comfort of our air con today, followed by the core finisher. The program is great Amanda. Very convenient to do and easy to slot into the day.”


What a great line up ! I’ve done everything except the strength workout  which I’m planning to do tomorrow. Thanks for doing this each week.”


Thanks Amanda.  Workout number 1 has just turned me from cranky Mum to a happy (and sweaty) Mum. Done at a time that was convenient to me. I love this new product!”


So what are you waiting for beautiful? 

Let’s get started right now.

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