Timetable & Membership

Flexible packages that suit your lifestyle
Term 2 Timetable
Our day time sessions run from Lemke Park in Albany Creek and our evening sessions run from Southpine Sports Complex, Aspley Hornets Club, Southpine Rd.

Class Descriptions


MetaFit – Combines traditional bodyweight exercises with the latest HIIT training techniques to set your metabolism on fire! These workouts are done and dusted in 23 minutes or less!!! But you will gain the metabolic burn for 24-48 hours after when you hit the right HR zone with us.

Legs Bums & Tums – this is a great one for ladies who want to tighten their thighs, tummy and bottom. Do I see you all putting your hands up for this one?

Boxing –  this is a fitness style boxing class that really packs a punch! Get cardio fit, bust your stress and rev up your energy levels.  Guaranteed to feel unstoppable after this workout!

Weights Circuit – If you want to change the shape of your body, you need to lift weights.  Get fit, lean, toned and fight back against ageing process with this weights workout designed for women.

Express Circuit – you never know what you’re going to get with this bodyweight inspired circuit, but it’s always going to be a great workout, with heaps of fun, sweat and satisfaction.

Resistance Bands – work with resistance bands to activate weak muscles in particular glutes and core.  Feel the burn on this one and use it to support your other workouts or sporting activities.

Stretch & Relax – this is the perfect way to unwind from your busy life.  Spend time with me on the mat stretching slowly and purposefully, then melting in to a beautiful, restorative relaxation, before head off floating on your little cloud.

Stretch & Roll – together we will spend 15-20 minutes working through some full body stretches, foam rolling and trigger ball work to stretch and rehab tight and hard working muscles.

Bootcamp – this is our 1 hour action packed Saturday session where you get to work as a group, in pairs, or as an individual. You never know what you will get but you’re guaranteed to get a great workout and feel fantastic going in to your weekend.

I Want Results Membership

This is our most popular membership for our members who want fully supported lifestyle change.


  • Unlimited group training sessions Monday to Saturday in our training locations
  • Access to our amazing Members Lounge portal, which offers:

– Online Workouts that you can do anywhere, any time

– Recipe Database with stacks of family friendly recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and dessert

– Mindset coaching tools to nourish your mind and set you up for success

– Nutrition recommendations to support your workouts and take the stress out of staying lean and healthy

– Downloadable resources to make healthy living easy

You will also get:

  • Quarterly Goal Setting & Review to keep you on track and moving forward
  • Member Support in our Private Facebook Group
  • Monthly Member Newsletter
  • Member Only Offers

Getting Started

This package is for members who are just getting started and only need a basic level of member support.


  • 2 x training days per week
  • Welcome Pack
  • Daily Member Support in our Private Facebook Group
  • Quarterly Member Challenges
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Member Only Offers
Online Fitness Training

Online Fitness Training

Are you a busy lady who needs structured workouts to keep you safe and working out effectively, who wants full coaching support to stay on track, but you need to work around your own schedule?  This is the membership platform I created for you! 


  • Follow video workouts with Amanda any time it suits you from your personal device
  • Get access to a comprehensive workout library, from Beginners through to intermediate workouts, which is updated monthly to ensure you never get bored working out and always have a go-to option on those days when you don’t have a lot of time
  • Exercise variations are included for all fitness levels to keep you working out within your own fitness level
  • Our workouts are 10-30 minutes in duration to fit in to any busy lifestyle and still get results
  • Get regular tips and coaching on how you should support your workouts with the right nutrition and other lifestyle habits to ensure you stay energised, healthy and happy
  • Get full accountability and support from your Coach in our Members Only Facebook page, including a Weekly Check-In
  • Minimal equipment required so you don’t have to outlay lots of $ on an expensive home gym set-up that you probably wouldn’t use.

Sound like you?

Beginners Bootcamp

Get back into fitness

This program is going to get a fresh new look and feel in 2019! 

Nutritional Coaching

Nutritional Coaching

Imagine becoming free from the stress and fear that surrounds what to eat to be healthy and happy.

Imagine being able to build the daily habits required to become leaner, fitter and healthier.

Imagine getting off the Diet Roundabout, ditching the calorie counting and having the confidence to build a meal plan and lifestyle habits that work for you and your family long term.

Do you think that would be of value to you?