Today I wanted to share a pretty personal story that sets the scene on why the term Healthy Happy Women is so important to me.  And if you’ve been part of my circle for a while, you’ll know that I have been using this phrase for some years now.  In fact it has become part of my business brand and brand identity.

But what does it actually mean? 
And what if what you see on the outside, doesn’t actually reflect what’s on the inside?

Allow me to roll back the clock a little bit and share why the term Healthy Happy Women is not only important to me, it’s the foundation and promise that I’ve built my business on.

Going back to my late teens and when I was finishing my final years of high school, I went through a pretty dark time. 

On the outside, I looked like a confident, healthy and happy young woman. But on the inside, I was struggling so badly with self confidence, my self image and especially my body image, that I became tortured with an eating disorder.

It was a vicious and seemingly unending cycle of bingeing, purging, hating myself, exercising to punish my body, withholding food, excluding food groups to control calorie intake and then starting the cycle all over again. 

And nearly 3 decades on, I look back on that hideous time of my life and feel so disconnected from the memories and who I was back then, compared to who I am today. 

I recall sitting in an eating disorders counselling group with other women who were at least double my age – I was 17 at the time.  And I remember thinking, ‘I don’t want to be suffering like these women are in their 30’s, 40’s and even 50’s.’ 

These women were intelligent and creative, they had families and loved ones, they held down important jobs and yet they were still being held down by their eating disorder. 

That was the pivotal point for me and the trigger that would eventually set me free.

I made a vow to myself that I would not suffer like those women were for so many years of their life. 

Fast forward to now and I’m a person of influence in the health and fitness industry, working with women in their teens right through to their sixties. 

I see and hear a lot from other women, including their own pain around feeling like they’re not good enough on the outside. 

And it is through all of these experiences and lessons that I now define what it means to be a Healthy Happy Woman. 

A Healthy Happy Woman is:
– healthy at any size or shape that she wants to be
 – happy at any size or shape that she wants to be
 – she exercises because she loves her body, not because she needs to punish it 
 – she accepts that she is changing and evolving and that her body will change with it
 – she tunes in to what she needs and listens to those messages from inner wisdom
 – she stops looking outside of herself all of the time and goes within for the answers
 – she eats in a way that nourishes her body, in the right proportion for her needs and enjoys food without feelings of guilt or deprivation
– she doesn’t define her happiness by how many kg’s she weighs or her dress size
– she moves in a way that feels good for her body without feeling like she has to ‘smash out a workout’ or ‘smash her goals’
 – she takes rest when she needs it
 – she learns to say No when she needs to
 – she takes care of herself just like she does everyone else around her
 – she considers her own needs and meets them as best she can most of the time
 – she forgives herself daily 
 – she praises herself daily
 – she encourages herself daily
 – she surrounds herself with people who provide her with the nourishment, love, support and encouragement to be her best
 – she admits when she needs help or support from others and asks for it freely without the need to apologise
– she drops the need to be perfect or to fit an ideal 
 – she loves herself a little more each day
 – she learns from the lessons
 – she forgives herself
– and each day, every single day, she is becoming the Healthy Happy Woman she deserves to be. 

So if you’re a woman like me, who wants to lean in more to her intuition about what’s good for her body, mind and spirit, then join me here inside of The Healthy Happy Woman Project  where I’m going to share with you the stuff that works for me and a whole community of women just like you who deserve to feel healthy and happy.

Much love
Amanda 💜
AKA Coach Cremo