It’s Spring time again!

Spring time is the perfect opportunity to refresh our space, our mind and our body.

Some of my favourite ways to welcome Spring include spring cleaning my space, my mind and my body.

Here’s some of the ways I like to do this.

Decluttering Your Space

Go through your home and your work space one room at a time and do a fierce edit.

Clear out the junk you’re not using.

Donate or re-purpose what you can.

Throw out what isn’t good to anyone any more.

Now tidy everything up and put things back in place, giving them a wipe over as you go, or doing any repairs needed. 

It feels good to purge out the old and make space for the new.

And we can apply these strategies across our life in all aspects. 

So once you have cleared your space you will find it clears a pathway to declutter other areas of your life.

Decluttering The Mind

Are there things that are cluttering your mind that don’t serve you?

Stressful thoughts. 

Anxious thoughts.

Negative thoughts about yourself or your personal circumstances. 

Can you do some work to clear these thoughts and thought patterns from your mind?

If the thoughts are junk, then throw them out just like you would a piece of rubbish. 

And when you clear out the junk thoughts, you make way for positive thoughts that support and serve you. 

Now this step isn’t easy and is very much a work in progress.

You can use strategies such as meditation, deep breathing and even simple Post It Notes with positive messages around your space.

This can help you towards replacing the thoughts with fresh and positive ones that make you feel good and give you the confidence to take positive action.

Decluttering the mind is probably the MOST important step in this 3 Step Process.

Decluttering The Body

Once you have a good handle of clearing the rubbish from your mind and replacing that with fresh, positive, confidence building thoughts, you are ready to start decluttering the body.

To declutter and spring clean the body, it’s time to assess the things that you are doing now that serve your body and the things that sabotage your body.

If it doesn’t serve you, get rid of it.

Assess the food you’re eating.  Does it make you feel good, healthy, energised and happy? Or does it make you feel weighed down, sluggish and unhappy?

Identify those foods that support you and eat more of those.  The more of those foods you eat, the less room in your diet for the things that don’t serve you.

Drink Water and herbal tea to hydrate and refresh your body.

Move your body in ways that make YOU feel good.  Find the types of exercise and activities that bring you joy, positive energy, a buzz.  Do the things that make you feel good and make you feel positive about your body and your health.

And finally sleep, rest and restore.  Shut off your devices at least an hour before bed time.  Do some calming and relaxing activities before bed that get you in the right mindset for sleep.  Get to bed at an appropriate time to give yourself enough quality sleep.

Give yourself down time and rest time.  If you are busy, busy, busy all of the time, your body will just burn and burn and burn until it burns out.

Find activities that are restorative and rejuvenating for you.  The things that light you up and make you feel like you have recharged your battery are the things you should do more of. 


And if you would like more specific help and support with this I’m your girl!  Reach out and find out how we can work together to spring clean your body and mind before the year ends by contacting me here

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