Can you believe Spring has sprung already?

This means warmer days, getting outside and having way more fun with BBQ’s, socialising with our friends, going to the beach, swimming, wearing our cute little shorts and pretty dresses again.

Does that put a smile on your face?

Or are you now thinking,

OMG, I’ve got some work to do.

This is too soon.

I’m not ready for shorts and dresses.

I don’t think they even fit me from last year!!!!

Ok just take a breath.

Spring has just started!  You’ve got time to get into shape and feel confident for the summer, but you need to start taking action now.

And I’ve got just the thing to get you started. Yay!!!

Have you seen our SWEATember 30 Day Challenge?  It’s designed to get you moving a little each and every day to help build a stronger, fitter, healthier and happier you.  And it’s going to take you from Spring time into Summer feeling way more fabulous and confident than you do right now.

Are you up for that?

We are already 1 week into September, but I want you to use that fact to motivate you NOT discourage you.

You can dive in right now and keep going forward with us adding 1 rep each day, or, you can start from the beginning with 10 reps and begin your very own 30 Day Challenge.  It’s up to you!

Find a friend to do this with because it’s soooooo much easier when you have someone to keep you on track and accountable.

Our 30 Day SWEATember Challenge is just 6 exercises, you don’t need any equipment to do them and you just keep adding +1 rep each day.

Sound good?

And of course, before you start this challenge, you should always make sure this is right for you by speaking with your Doctor about any concerns you have around exercise and your personal health.


Make sure you warm-up and stretch afterwards, especially if you’re new to exercise.

This will ensure you keep those muscles supple and stretchy, not tight and inflexible and then prone to getting worn out and injured. 

Are you in?

You can check out the workout video on pinned to the top of our Facebook Page @getfitwithintofitness, or check it out on our YouTube Channel right here