Amanda is very professional, knowledgeable and warm❤️She makes sure you get results too!
Michelle Renee Churn Lausev
Michelle Renee Churn Lausev
Amanda has a positive and fun attitude towards exercise. Her sessions are fun .. YES correct bootcamp is fun and that's all to do with how Amanda runs the session - and the brilliant clients she has. Sessions are tailored to all fitness levels and there is a great mixture of class types so you definitely won't get bored.
Danielle Lead
Danielle Lead
I have been with Amanda for 3 weeks now. I knew the day after I did a trial with her that I would get results with her and feel comfortable achieving it under her guidance. She has a very warm and friendly personality she actually cares about each and every one of us. she is willing to stop and listen to you about any issue you have and very open. She is so passionate about positive mind which helps you get positive results and feel good about yourself. There is no judgement all the girls are super friendly and edge each other on to make you push that little harder. Amanda has created a great little community and the classes and variety are perfect for us working busy mums. You might be having a bad morning but after a classI love walking away feeling positive and a step closer to my goals. Thank you to the girls for caring and pushing us women to be strong. You are like councillors. Love all the on line support and classes that you can do from home aswell.Both the trainers Amanda and Jacoba are awsome fun loving ladies you won’t be disappointed.
Jamie Williamson
Jamie Williamson
I’d never been to a Bootcamp before... that’s until I met Amanda. Now I’ll never leave! Amanda is the best of the best, her customer service and attention to detail is second to none. Amanda lives and breaths healthy happy, with her encouragement you’ll soon be on your way to achieving your own goals. The community vibe at IntoFitness is paramount, everyone is welcoming and genuinely happy to be there. Thank you for showing me this path that I’m now embarking on with you 🙌🏼 Thank you for bringing my health back to life!
Jacoba Roberts-Grim
Jacoba Roberts-Grim
I have trained with Amanda for over 5 years and love her positive approach to fitness and health. Great variety of classes on the timetable for all fitness abilities. What keeps me coming back is her caring and friendly nature, that she is always offering something new to support her clients in our health and fitness goals and the super supportive group of women who I train with.
Kaye Ebbott
Kaye Ebbott
Joining Intofitness has been the best thing I have done for myself. We are privileged to have 2 dedicated trainers offering a variety of quality sessions 💪
Carmen Slabber
Carmen Slabber
Love training with Amanda. Lots of variety on the timetable along with on going support through member groups. The sessions are kid friendly and held in a beautiful parkland setting. Members are supportive and encouraging to each other, always helping each other to reach their goals. 5 out of 5!
Jodi Palmer
Jodi Palmer
Sessions cater for all abilities and the group is friendly and welcoming. Workouts are varied incorporating individual and partner work, body weight and equipment. Lemke park is centrally located in Albany Creek and is safe enough to bring kids whilst you exercise. Amanda provides professional and personal coaching catering to individual needs.
Sharon Curtis
Sharon Curtis
Amazing personalised service. I couldn’t have stuck it out with anybody else 🙌🏼
Lisa Connors
Lisa Connors

Outdoor Group Testimonials

Do it! The first step is the hardest but be brave and believe in yourself. The only limitations we have are those that we place on ourselves and we shouldn’t let them define us.

The sessions provide a judgment free zone, where you are exercising for you and you alone. Members are not compared to each other and the encouragement and support you will receive from both the Trainers and clients is nothing short of brilliant.”



I’m actually so grateful to have found you.  This type of group fitness is exactly what I was looking for and I’ve finally been able to get into a regular fitness routine despite having the kids with me.

It’s so worth making that bit of extra effort to get started and it’s now part of my normal week.

I miss it when I can’t come (so does Lily!) I love that the kids can sometimes join in or at least see how it’s an important part of a healthy lifestyle.  They often pull out their own version of moves at home 😊. Your flexible timetable works really well for me too. I’m already feeling fitter and although we’re already a pretty healthy eating household, I have more motivation now to be consistent with this.”



I absolutely LOVE it and find your support and coaching nothing short of amazing.

I can’t tell you how much my world has changed since joining your program. Even though I’m not with you 3 times a week, I’ve found your support through emails, Facebook and face to face so inspiring and motivating.

I’m exercising on my own at home, and my dog is loving the walks he gets now…hell I even bought some new joggers which is saying something!!! I’m more active with Ella and have changed our family eating habits to be much more nutritional. I’m feeling stronger mentally too.

I wish I was a size 10, but I know all these small steps and small progresses far surpass 11 weeks ago when I was sedentary and ordering far too much takeaway!



I just wanted to say thankyou. Into Fitness has been a big impact in my life, both physically and mentally. Thank you Amanda.”



I joined IntoFitness to help achieve my personal fitness goals. I was looking to find a trainer that could offer night sessions, boxing and bootcamp. IntoFitness had all of this on offer.

 I have been a member to various gyms for over 10 years and felt that my cardio training needed improving.

The benefits of the boxing & bootcamp classes is the variety and intensity that Amanda packs into each session, no two sessions have been the same.

Her experience and knowledge of the body, movements, proper technique and exercises are by far the best I’ve seen to date. She has been able to push my body limits and increase my cardio, coordination and flexibility considerably.

So far the results have been great. I have been training with Amanda for over 4 months and each session I walk away feeling healthier, fitter and stronger.

My body fat has reduced, and my muscle tone has increased. I train only 3 times a week for 1 hour, so the results I have gained so far in a short time frame are great. I am still on my way to reaching my fitness goals, but I have made the right choice in training with Amanda at IntoFitness.”



Your encouraging demeanour, without being pushy, has been exactly what I needed to get started, and I feel so great after I finish each class. All those extra endorphins are helping my mental health, which, to me, was the most important change I wanted to make.

Thanks again Amanda



Everyone works at their own individual level of fitness and you are encouraged to set your own goals.

Beginners are often scared to make the step but in need of encouragement to do so.

There is no judgment and you can set your own pace.

I’m feeling mentally stronger as well as physically fitter.

All the benefits of exercise can be enjoyed.



You have probably heard countless times how exercise is good for you and can make you feel good.  Well this is what you will get with IntoFitness.

With 2 incredible Trainers who will go above and beyond for you, 2 great training locations and a group of awesome training buddies who love a laugh and a chat, and it’s a lot more fun when you exercise in a group than on your own.”



I started coming to Amanda as I much prefer to do my exercise outdoors rather than in a gym.  I also had a daughter that wasn’t in school so loved the idea of being able to bring her along and she could play in the playground while I did bootcamp.

Another aspect that attracted me to IntoFitness was the interaction and friendships that you form from other mothers who enjoy getting outside and exercising together and encouraging each other.

After one of Amanda’s sessions I am always glad that I have made the effort to come, I may not feel like coming to start with but always feel so much better after the session.  I can see my fitness improving and that always makes me more determined to continue as I know I can still get better and improve my fitness even more.  This then means that I have more energy for my kids and I am able to get out and have fun with them, by riding our bikes or kicking a ball around the park.

I find Amanda to be a very attentive, motivating and supportive trainer.  She is always ensuring everyone is doing the exercises to gain the most out of each session and correcting us if our technique isn’t right, to ensure we are pushing ourselves to our maximum while ensuring we don’t injure ourselves in the process.  Amanda is constantly giving us extra little tips to help our overall well-being, like giving us tips on our diet and what other exercises we can do ourselves at home.

Since training with Amanda I have started to be able to run further than I previously use to, I really don’t like running but I have found that I am able to push myself to run further and even now running all the way to the top of hills.  I look forward to going to bootcamp each week and I now find myself disappointed if I can’t make a session due to other commitments.

If you like getting outdoors and training with a great group of friendly people with a trainer who cares about your individual needs then I would definitely recommend you give Amanda at IntoFitness a call.”



Online Testimonials

8 Week Body Mind Reset gave me the tools, knowledge and understanding on how to reach my goals through exercise, healthy eating and reducing the ‘not so healthy’ choices that once held me back.

The challenge certainly doesn’t end after the 8 weeks, but is the start of a new lifestyle change. I have reached my fitness goals both physically and mentally.



“I have seen huge changes in my weight and I feel in control again. I feel stronger and fitter than I have felt in years.

I loved the support that the program offered – both from the other members and Amanda herself.  There is so much to gain from completing this program.

It really resets your thoughts and habits and is an amazing tool to kickstart your confidence that anything is possible and you hold the power to take the steps to change your poor health habits.”



We thought we were eating good, but the way we feel now is 1000 times better.

I am sleeping at night! Which I haven’t done in years. We have so much more energy during the day and we’re eating loads more good food.  My head is a lot clearer at work, and I’ve been smashing out the study also.

This challenge has kicked started our new way of life!



“I loved doing the 8 Week  Body Mind Reset because that’s exactly what it does.

It reset my mind and my body. It changed how I look at food. It reset bad habits that have crept in over the years. It made me really think twice about having naughty treats on bad days.“



“My clothes are definitely feeling looser and that is just from simply reducing processed food like pasta, rice, bread etc., eating more fruit, veg and protein more regularly throughout the day and cutting out sweet stuff.

I am feeling much more energised just from doing those things and that’s without incorporating exercise into it.

There will be so much more I will continue to get from your booklet in the years to come and this program came a long at the perfect time for me.

Thank you again.”



Hi Amanda, all is really well here in my world. I’m feeling fabulous! Since starting your programme I have lost 4.1kg.  I can already see I’m starting to tone up which is exactly what I want. Still have a way to go but this is now my new lifestyle and I’m loving it.
Thank you so much  – Alicia

As a working mum in her 40’s I recently realised that I’d let a busy lifestyle get in the way of my personal health and wellbeing – again.  I’m that person who rides that horrible rollercoaster of fit and happy to heavy and tired over and over and over.

I needed a trainer who is happy to get to know me as a person and tailor my training sessions and nutritional advice around what will work for me.   Amanda does exactly that.

I needed someone to help get me back on track to a healthier and happier me so I joined Amanda’s 8 Week Body Mind Reset (8WBMR).

It’s brilliant and just what I needed.  I was reminded of what I was putting into my body and how quickly I can change the damage done by simply moving my body and fuelling it with clean REAL food.

I’ve achieved some great results with weight loss, reduced body fat and increased physical fitness.  I’m feeling lighter, healthier and happier and most importantly I’m motivated to stay off the rollercoaster!



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