Timetable & Membership

It’s time to build a stronger, fitter, healthier and happier you xo

You have already tried to do this on your own, but lost motivation quickly and just gave up.

Each year you can see and feel yourself losing fitness, losing your shape and losing that energy that you once had.

You’ve tried the gym and found you didn’t know how to train and quickly got bored, so you just stopped going.

You want connection. You want understanding.  You want to feel comfortable. You want results. You want community.

We can offer you all of this and more.

We understand this is what you’re looking for because we have women at the heart centre of what we do.

Join us.

Our members love

  • After school drop off time slots, that are perfect for Mums on the go
  • Child friendly sessions so you can bring your kids for active playtime while you workout
  • A flexible timetable Monday to Saturday including evening sessions
  • Small to medium sized groups so you get personalised attention
  • No lock-in contracts
  • A variety of results driven workouts so you never get bored and continue to get results
  • Structured member support in place to ensure you feel supported, accountable and able to thrive
  • A genuine community full of like-minded women who want you to succeed
  • Female Trainers who genuinely care about your personal success and happiness within our community.

Group Training Timetable

All group training classes are run in partnership with Hornets Football Club, Southpine Sports Complex Brendale.

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Class Descriptions

STRENGTH –  If you want to change the shape of your body, you need to lift weights ladies. Get fit, strong, toned and fight back against ageing process with this weights workout designed for women.

CIRCUIT –  One of our favourite ways to work out. Expect a circuit set up that includes bodyweight + equipment on timed intervals for an awesome whole body workout experience that gets your heart rate up and your energy soaring.

METAFIT – Combines traditional bodyweight exercises with the latest HIIT training techniques to set your metabolism on fire! These are fast paced workouts that are done and dusted in 23 minutes or less, but don’t be fooled by thinking this sounds easy.  Accelerate your fitness, torch fat and enjoy that MetaFit high for 24-48hrs post workout!

BODY BLITZ- expect a full body workout including cardio, strength and core exercises for that full fitness experience that will leave no muscle untouched.

BOXFIT–  this is a fitness style boxing class that really packs a punch! Get cardio fit, bust your stress and rev up your energy levels.  Guaranteed to help you feel pumped, energised and unstoppable after this workout!

HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) classes use short work and rest intervals designed to get your heart racing and a sweat on!  These workouts are super effective and super efficient for getting fit fast and getting great results!

Membership Options


What our members say


Do it! The first step is the hardest but be brave and believe in yourself. The only limitations we have are those that we place on ourselves and we shouldn’t let them define us.

The sessions provide a judgment free zone, where you are exercising for you and you alone. Members are not compared to each other and the encouragement and support you will receive from both the Trainers and clients is nothing short of brilliant.”


Outdoor Group Training

I just wanted to say thankyou. Into Fitness has been a big impact in my life, both physically and mentally. Thank you Amanda.”

Outdoor Group Training

You have probably heard countless times how exercise is good for you and can make you feel good.  Well this is what you will get with IntoFitness.

With 2 incredible Trainers who will go above and beyond for you, 2 great training locations and a group of awesome training buddies who love a laugh and a chat, and it’s a lot more fun when you exercise in a group than on your own.”


Outdoor Group Training